How-To-Guide: Easy & Direct TKL Swaps

The team has created an easier way to purchase Tokel. We introduce Direct TKL Swaps to you!

I heard you want to get your hands on some TKL. The Tokel team has made it easier than ever for anyone interested, to purchase TKL. You can now get TKL using direct swaps!

Feel free to dive straight into swapping and figure it out on your own.

You can find swap functionality available at 👉🏼

Otherwise below is the "How To" on swapping KMD/LTC/BTC for TKL.

How to Swap

  1. Go to
Tokel Swaps: Create swap
  1. Pick a currency you would like to swap for TKL
Tokel Swaps: Pick currency
  1. Type in the amount of the chosen currency you want to swap for TKL. You can also type in the amount of TKL you want to receive and see how much of the chosen currency it will require.
Keep in mind that each transaction carries a fee of 0.0001 of the coin you're using, per transaction. The amount listed to send is the final amount including all fees.
  1. Type in the address you want to receive TKL at.
Please double check your address because you will not be able to change it later or request a refund in the case your address is incorrect. All swaps are final.
Tokel Swaps: Create swap
  1. Click "Let's swap" and wait for your swap request to be created. It will only take a few seconds for it to go through.
This is only a request to create a swap. Not an actual swap. Actual swap only happens after you send us the correct amount of coins in your chosen currency.
Tokel Swaps: Creating your swap
It is recommended that you keep track of your swap url. You can use this url to come back to your swap to check on its status or ask us for assistance.
  1. Your swap request has been created. Please copy the swap url so you can refer to it in case you need to do so.
Be aware that your newly generated swap request will expire in 6 hours. Make sure to send us the coins before then.
  1. To finish the swap you need to send the chosen amount of the chosen currency to the address you see on the "Finish the swap" step. You can copy the amount clicking on the copy icon right next to it and the same with address.
Make sure you read and check all the information carefully on the Finish The Swap page.

Double check the amounts of the swap currency of your choice and the TKL receiving address!
Tokel Swaps: Finish The Swap
  1. Once we receive your currency of choice we will immediately send you your TKL back.
  2. Once the swap has been successful and your TKL is on the way to you the screen will change and you will see details of the swap. You can decide what to do next after that, maybe you want to swap some more coins for TKL. 😉
Tokel Swaps: Finish The Swap

Let's swap for TKL!

Available currencies: KMD, BTC, LTC

Lets Swap 🚀

Please double check all of your information as any incorrect data may lead to a total loss of funds. All trades are conducted in an over the counter style transaction and require you to send funds first before receiving the TKL in exchange.

As always, you are required to do your own research and not take any of this as financial advice; we do not endorse any specific activity. Ownership of the TKL coin carries no rights; it is used to create tokens and send transactions on the Tokel blockchain. There are no guarantees of TKLs future value. There should be no expectation that TKL will ever generate any value other than for the use case described. All transactions are final and non-refundable. Nobody in the Tokel community or team are liable for any loss caused, whether due to negligence or otherwise arising from the use of, or reliance on, any information provided directly or indirectly.

Reach out to us on Discord or by email in case you are seeking any assistance.

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