Tokel - The decentralized, community driven tokenization & NFT platform.

Let's start with a refresh of the Tokel WhitePaper.

The Tokel platform aims to be Komodo ecosystem's Token Platform. It will provide a solid foundation, using existing Komodo Technologies, for token projects to launch and succeed from using end-to-end token solutions for fixed supply and non-fungible tokens. Furthermore Tokel aims to be the central point of information and assistance for open-sourced applications, projects and businesses looking to capitalise on token economics or token applications. The Tokel platform will provide streamlined token creation, explorer and wallet integration, decentralised exchange integration assistance and more.

Tokel will continue to drive Komodo's vision of creating open and decentralised applications that work in a trust-less manner while maintaining the spirit of collaboration and cooperation by using and building upon their existing technologies.

Since inception, Tokel has aimed to provide a decentralized platform to the ecosystem users to create/build/expand/develop with public blockchain based tokenization technology. There are a lot of buzz words here, so let's break it down.

Public Blockchain
Public blockchain is a blockchain that is open source and accessible via every person that has access to an internet connection.

Tokenization Technology
Tokenization tech is a branch of technology that enables the use of digital tokens for various use cases. Tokens, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) can be used to verify and prove ownership over a digital (or even physical) asset via cryptographic proofs and signatures.

Decentralized Platform
A platform whereby the main efforts are decentralized, open source, and are not controlled/limited/restricted by a centralized entity. These types of platforms may have individuals or groups of people who contribute to a single or set of products and features. Communities often work together to create/fix/market these types of platforms as a collective, with the incentive of increased usage of the platform bringing more value to the individuals.

So where is Tokel, now?

Together, we have been able to build out a platform that hosts a variety of people and applications.

We have successfully created a decentralized application (the Tokel dApp) that allows users to connect directly to any node on the Tokel blockchain network, in a trustless fashion, using nSPV. This has never before been completed in such a truly decentralized and feature rich fashion. Before our efforts, nSPV could handle basic wallet functionality, but was unable to interact with the complicated custom consensus mechanisms know as Antara Modules (the smart-UTXO contracts that allow tokenization). This dApp allows users to interact with the native Tokel blockchain and all of it's inbuilt features; coin wallet, token wallet, token/NFT creation, and on-chain, peer-to-peer, decentralized token exchanges.

We have successfully run the Tokel Talk podcast to engage and inform the community of things occurring inside and outside of the Tokel & Komodo ecosystem. With a large range of interesting guests providing insight into the workings of different platforms and products out there, whilst providing up to date news and events of the broader blockchain/cryptocurrency industry.

We have launch the token exploration website, where all tokens listed on the Tokel blockchain are immediately viewable through the website.

The list goes on.

Where to, from here?

The Tokel 'team' (and I use quotations for a reason mentioned below), have fortunately had a pool of funding to draw from to carry out the intent of the Tokel whitepaper. In full transparency, we have managed to create every item/feature listed in there, apart from the external integrations and a fully fledged, standalone NFT marketplace. Unfortunately, we have now entered a market whereby the value of the funds has diminished, such that full time efforts from multiple extremely talented people is no longer viable. What does that mean? It means the Tokel platform needs to leverage the full potential of it's open-source, community contributors to bring value and usage to the platform itself; in a truly decentralized platform way.

But how, you ask. Thanks to whitepaper coin allocations, there are significant amounts of TKL for community contributors, and we want to give this out!

Below is a list of products/apps/assistance that the platform could benefit from and it's associated bounties. Of course, the products available need more development work to be up to the standard that people expect these days (bug-less, quick, beautiful, easy to use, integrated with everything else), but the reality is that there is not a large amount of funds backing these efforts like other VC funded projects. So we are asking for your help; and this isn't limited to development efforts!

Development Bounties:
- Fixing specific 'issues' in github = Up to 25k TKL per issue
- Create discord bot that can 'authenticate' each users address and what NFT's they hold = 100k TKL
- Test/Review big PR's in the dApp repo = Up to 100k TKL per review
- Tokel focused web-based IPFS pinning service = 200k TKL
- Game that incorporates TKL and/or Tokel tokens/NFTs as ingame assets = 1 million TKL
- Tokel themed, open source rarity website for Tokel token collections = 100k TKL

- Becoming a Tokelist = various ongoing TKL rewards for tasks
- Creating and launching a token collection on TKL = 100k TKL
- Writing a blog post to go onto the Tokel blog = Up to 25k TKL
- Creating Tokel related graphics = Up to 5k TKL
- Providing indepth reviews via blogs/comments/other about Tokel Talk or the Tokel platform = Up to 10k TKL
- Securing a high quality guest for the Tokel Talk podcast = 5k TKL
- Get Tokel featured on a crypto/token/blockchain news website = Up to 50k TKL

All bounties will be considered individually to ensure they meet the requirements as well as are within the spirit and intent of what is trying to be delivered, such that the most value is brought to the platform. It is encouraged that if you're intending to carry out a bounty, you reach out in the Tokel discord to discuss it.

If you'd like to create something not listed here but think it'd bring value to the platform, we would love to consider giving you a bounty for it. Any work that could be considered to bring collective value will be elligible.

A note on the Tokel 'team'

Regardless of the people listed in the 'team', the Tokel Platform will forever be a decentralized token/NFT platform, driven by the community contributors and members who use and build upon the platform

Our direction and efforts from this point on are simple:

  1. Provide direction/efforts to core technology updates,
  2. Provide knowledge/education/information on what the Tokel platform is and how it can be used,
  3. Create basic proof of concept, open source dapp/apps/tools that allow others to build upon and access Tokel blockchain features without the need to start from scratch,
  4. Incentivize people and projects to use & build on the Tokel platform, and
  5. Assist & advise those that build, create & use.

There is no Tokel 'company', there is only Tokel community & associated contributors; this has always been the way. This is the only way I see a true 'decentralized' NFT/token platform. Sure there will be more centralized groups of people/projects/companies that build out specific applications that use the platform, and that is perfectly okay and expected/encouraged, but they will never have the right to restrict/limit/stop others from contributing and bring value to the platform.

A big shout-out to the community contributors that put their time/effort/passion into making Tokel a better and more well-known platform. These efforts don't go unnoticed.

The Tokel Platform

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