What Is A Tokelist?

The Tokel Platform community is comprised of some very creative people, developers, promoters as well as early adopters of the TKL cryptocurrency. These loyal supporters, of the development work to democratize token creation and NFT trading like it has never been done before, are the very backbone of the community.

So a Tokelist can be anyone that is helping the Tokel project move forward. This could be via the following methods:

  • Support in social media (comments, likes, retweets, shares)
  • Creative work (jpg, gif, video, music etc)
  • Development (platform, dApps or anything else)
  • Or via any other worthy initiative to spread the word about Tokel

What are the benefits of a Tokelist?

Tokelists gain from increased tips in Discord but the story does not end there. The Tokel team is constantly thinking of how to put Tokelists at the front of the queue for a variety of Tokel related activities. So far Tokelists have a set of distinct benefits, however, this list constantly grows and evolves.

The current list of benefits includes:

  1. 🚀 Exclusive personal TKL tips, airdrops & rains in Discord
  2. 🚀 Special NFT drops from the team
  3. 🚀 A special tag and badge in Tokel Discord
  4. 🚀 The opportunity to be promoted as a Tokelite (a higher form of the Tokelist role with even more rewards & access)
  5. 🚀 Priority access for private testing (which generates more rewards)

How can I become a Tokelist?

  • Post about Tokel often on Twitter and other social platforms
  • Create and post visuals like memes, gifs or video
  • Write an article about Tokel and post it on your channel
  • Post a video review about Tokel on Youtube or other video review site
  • Get Tokel as a guest on a Podcast, Youtube or Twitch stream
  • Do something offline to promote Tokel

How do I keep my Tokelist status?

Posting frequently ensures that you retain your Tokelist badge and privileges. The Tokelist badge will be reviewed monthly and inactive Tokelists will be removed until they become active again.

Please ensure that you have at least 50 followers when promoting on Twitter to qualify.

Do any of the above or similar and share it in the #tokel-media Discord channel to earn FREE $TKL.

Website: https://tokel.io
Github: https://github.com/TokelPlatform/

Tokel Talk Podcast

https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/tokel-talk/id1598762562 https://open.spotify.com/show/7oe8Wt6gz3dMDnYYkbRhsG


AtomicDEX: https://atomicdex.io
DEX-Trade: https://dex-trade.com/tokel

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