NFTs In The Metaverse

This Tokel Talk episode looks into how NFTs fit in the metaverse. Which part are they going to play and is the metaverse already here? Furthermore, we look into photorealistic NFTs generated by a combination of A.I. and human artistry with special guest Violeta from Pionauts talking to the Tokel Platform team.

NFT In Metaverse

Violeta discussed the project's current status as well its aspiration to enter the metaverse.

Who Are Pionauts?

Pionauts are photorealistic NFTs, brought to life by combining Artificial Intelligence and human artistry that brings the past onto the present. Images from historical pioneers are processed through intelligent 3D rendering that recreates their likeness. So the combination is calculated as: Pioneer + Astronauts = Pionauts.

The Pionauts community helps to shape the core story elements. Partnerships are worked on in the areas of games, film, merchandise, and the Metaverse. The core mission of Pionauts is to create an entire interactive universe in the Metaverse and explore collaborative and community storytelling. Pionauts want to push the boundaries of what an NFT is, what it can physically do, and all the forms it can possibly take.

The Launch dates are April 26th for the PL drop and the 28th for the general public.

Pre-Launch: 26th of April
Public Launch: 28th of April

Pionauts® – An Interplanetary Space Odyssey
Pionauts NFT

Another exciting week in the NFT world unfolds with sales of $165 million.

🎤 Violeta (Pionauts)
🎤 +dreamTim (Tokel)
🎤 Kelcie (Tokel)

Host: Ejuliano(Tokel)


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