Tokenize Your Business with NFTs

In this latest podcast, we discuss ways to learn how to tokenize and NFT your business. The special guest this time is Consilience, a member of the Verus community. He is currently an entrepreneur and former financier in the City of London that has sold multiple companies.

All this is exclusively aired on the Tokel Talk podcast.

Can we better prove ownership with NFTs?
How does identity become synonymous with non-fungible tokens?
How does decentralization via tokenization impact the future of business?

Businesses are starting to realise now that they can benefit from the token economy but most are not sure about the steps to take. In this episode we try to inspire your business to use the latest NFT technology to get ahead.

All that and some big announcements from the Tokel Team.

🎤 Consilience (Verus)
🎤 NutellaLicka (Tokel)
🎤 Kelcie (Tokel)
🎤 +dreamTim (Tokel)

Host: Ejuliano





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