Tokel Talk Podcast In The Media

The running of Tokel Talk has been a fascinating journey. Almost a year from the moment Tokel Talk was launched it has already gathered a lot of pace and recognition from the community.

To have so much love coming our way has been a privilege that cannot be taken for granted.

It has been a fascinating journey, not always easy. We are lucky to have a great team with a lot of passion for non-fungible tokens. Tokel Talk in this little time has emerged as one of the most important information sources.

We have showcased a wealthy array of subjects including new art and digital artists, the latest mints, industry news, statistics, good causes, NFT innovation, NFT in art and NFT in business.

We discovered new words such as Phygital and most importantly met some extremely cool people.

In the latest iteration, we went back to the time it all started with legendary Cryptokitties and Dapper Labs Co-Founder Mack Flavelle.

Below is a list of the main media sources that have featured Tokel Talk to date:


Bcast was one of the first sites to recognize the work Tokel Talk was doing in the space by featuring us prominently in the top 3 of their list. We owe them our gratitude for that.

23 Best NFT Podcasts That You Should Be Following
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Alyze Sam from #WomenInBlockchain wrote a wonderful article on Hackernoon featuring Tokel Talk as one of the most prominent podcasts in the industry at position 11.

Top 22 NFT Podcasts For NFT Novices & Masterminds This Nifty 2022 | HackerNoon
We know you’re curious to learn more about NFTs. 2021 was a HUGE BOOM of nothing but ‘NFT this’ and NFT that’- so which 22 podcasts should you listen to!?


Rachel Breia of digital metaverse company Sensorium, created a great article  featuring the most important NFT podcasts and listed Tokel Talk among the top 23.

23 Best NFT Podcasts To Listen To Right Now
The NFT industry is evolving with astonishing speed. If you don’t want to miss out on any developments, here’s a a list of the top NFT podcast you’ll want to follow now.


Coinscapture, a real-time cryptocurrency market data provider, released an article on Medium featuring Tokel Talk among the top 10 NFT podcasts for 2022.

10 Best NFT Podcasts For 2022
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Feedspot, the popular blog tracking site, has been ranking the Tokel Talk podcast since the early days of the show. Tokel Talk features prominently at position 20, out of 80 podcasts listed in total at the time of writing.

The Table Read

The Table Read, a UK creativity magazine, is the latest magazine to feature a Tokel Talk episode as part of an article about Los Angeles based gamer and NFT artist Sarah Marie.

Sarah Marie,Is Aiming To Lead The Multiverse Of NFT & Crypto
On The Table Read, gaming and technology expert, Sarah Marie, is releasing her first line of 1940’s pin up style NFTS under the name ETHegirl.

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