The NFT Prisoners Remains

Immerse yourself into strange new worlds created just for you. Let the artists take you into a journey of self-discovery and the community to a place of content.

LA artist Pondo, past Creative Director for Pixar, Anthony and storyteller and published author Vasil, join Ejuliano and Kelcie for a fascinating episode of Tokel Talk. You will learn about Clean To Earn NFT programs and a world where language is a virus and stories are contagious.

IT Remains

The world of “It Remains” is shaped by vestiges of а fallen civilization - humanity’s plastic debris junkyard. Set in beyond dystopia, appearance and characters in this universe are inspired by real-life environmental issues such as plastics and industrial pollution. For that reason, we plan to spread awareness and promote community-voted causes, committed to finding plastic alternatives, better plastic waste management, and provide support for the homeless. Become a holder and help us pick the right projects to support

Language is a virus, stories are contagious. IT Remains

Plastic Waste Management

Yellow Mouth is the first Entertainment Media Franchise for Decentralised Audiences. Powered by both conventional channels and NFT innovations, YM is here to revolutionise the old ways of content creation, promotion and distribution. Bringing Hollywood franchise experience, advertising wizardry and IT corporate structure into the world of blockchain, to disrupt the industry and take digital culture to new levels.

Clean To Earn

Through the use of next-gen Art, Tech, Finance and Networking, humanity takes a leap of faith and evolves the digital & the physical together, in harmony and with confidence. The Future of Entertainment is decentralised.

It Remains
A Blockchain-powered, community-governed franchise, based on the graphic novel “It Remains”. Legendary collection of 1/1 high-end NFT art piece and a generative collection of 7777 hand-drawn Resisters with a unique rarity system. Inspired by environmental issues.

Midnight City NFT

Midnight city™ is a project consisting of 10,000 randomly generated digital collectibles. Each collectible consists of a unique combination of hand-drawn attributes from digital artist and mednokta owner, pondo™. Ownership will grant you an exclusive pass that comes with perks directly from Pondo™ and Mednokta®.

Additionally, your pass connects you to an ongoing story, that follows a young girl named asa as she searches for her sister in the dream-laced world of midnight city™. In her search, she begins to question her own reality and begins to unveil a deeply rooted organization with a long history of terror.

Midnight City NFT
Midnight City is an NFT membership program that offers community exclusive events, and opportunities through our 1500 unique badges. All owners take part in the development of a brand new story and receive lifetime benefits.

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