Tokel Talk Is Hiring - Podcast Manager

We are organising Tokel Talk to be better and more popular so we are looking for a volunteer to assist as Podcast Production manager for some hours each month. Someone to join the podcast team to help organise the event and scout for relevant guests for each topic.

We are looking for the following:

- A podcast production manager (streaming/recording and post-production assistance)

- A blog post writer (NFT stats collection)

See details below:

Podcast Production Manager

Tokel Talk

Podcast Production Manager

- Episode organisation/planning
- Guest acquisition
- Discord event management
- Streaming on multiple platforms (audio/video)
- Recording episodes
- Post-production
- Uploading to podcast/video platforms

Blog Writer

Tokel Platform

Blog writer

- Collating NFT stats each week
- Pass stats for graphic production
- Posting a blog each week

If you're interested in joining us, please email to discuss the role further and the bounties associated. We look forward to hearing from you!

Tokel Team

To apply, contact us on Discord or Telegram

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