Patrick Mouratoglou On Tennis & NFTs

Learn how to tokenize your business with Patrick Mouratoglou, the coach of tennis star Serena Williams, Stefanos Tsitsipas and many other famous tennis players, exclusively on Tokel Talk.

šŸ“… April 5th 2022
ā² 7pm UTC

About Patrick

Patrick Mouratoglou is the founder and Chair of the Mouratoglou Academy. He is French of Greek descent and works as a tennis coach and sports commentator. He has been the coach of Serena Williams since June 2012.

He also coaches a number of other top tennis athletes and is generally considered the most influential coach in world tennis today.

Tokenize Your Business

This iteration of the Tokel Talk podcast will examine the possibilities that NFTs and tokenization give businesses to improve products and services and reduce counterfeiting. Ā 

Other special guests speaking to Ejuliano and the Tokel team will be Consilience and Mylo from the Komodo Platform.

Watch here:


Tokel Talk Podcast



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