NFTs For Sustainability In The Supply Chain

In this episode of Tokel Talk we talk about NFTs as always with a list of exceptional guests from the industry. We examine up close two very distinguishably different use cases.

  • NFTs that aid with cryptocurrency wallet security and
  • how NFT technology can shape the future of sustainability in supply chain environments where trustless auditing was never possible before
‎Tokel Talk - NFT Podcast: Sustainable Development With NFTs - Tokel Talk on Apple Podcasts
‎Show Tokel Talk - NFT Podcast, Ep Sustainable Development With NFTs - Tokel Talk - May 4, 2022

Blockchain Sustainability

Haischel Dabian from Dutch sustainability & supply chain blockchain consultancy firm Kryha speaks to Ejuliano and the Tokel Team about his efforts to bring solutions to a variety of industries using blockchain technology and NFTs.

We examine the use case of NFTs being used to improve the mining of cobalt globally. We also talk about how NFTs aid verification of quality in the supply chain.

Haischel discusses the struggles of achieving the perfect balance between the real world and the digital realm, a crossover also known as phygital.

The Phygital World

Why is it so hard to bridge the digital and physical worlds? Haischel talks about the struggles of applying trustless verification in non-digital environments and how a lot of energy is currently spent in bridging this gap to achieve better auditing procedures across a number of industries.

Sustainable NFTs

Solving sustainability issues with blockchain technology and NFTs is something very new and exciting.

Sustainability, Haischel argues, is a solution to a problem created by all of us so this is why business participation is critical to achieve consensus for better quality assurance. So it is good to hear that companies and organizations are forming consortiums for collaboration in sustainability projects.

Collaboration On A New Level

Perhaps one of the most interesting points mentioned in this Tokel Talk podcast is how major organizations, including competitors are sitting on the same table to figure out how to weed out waste, corruption, mismanagement and fraud using NFT technology. They do this by forming consortiums with the purpose of establishing common ground and practices.

This is only possible by accepting that these new verification mechanisms are only going to be successful with everyone's acceptance and active participation.

Once a trustless mechanism has been set up, the solution has been completed and all parties can benefit from the system's transparency.

Security Through NFTs

Cyber Knights NFT

Frustrated from scams, hacks and rugpulls the DRIVENecosystem team keeps trying to come up with ways to secure crypto funds.

So they released NFT project Cyber Knights to realize their vision of NFTs used as a security mechanism to lock access to funds otherwise susceptible to fraud and hacks.

This is yet another example of how NFTs are revolutionising multiple industries, this time the realm of blockchain security. The Cyber Knights team talks in depth about how this and other initiatives are ensuring that less people fall victim of misfortune when dealing in crypto.

Yuga Labs Otherside Mint

We also cover the big news about the latest scandalous OthersideMeta mint from Yuga Labs that sent Ethereum gas fees soaring and record amounts spent.

‎Tokel Talk - NFT Podcast: Sustainable Development With NFTs - Tokel Talk on Apple Podcasts
‎Show Tokel Talk - NFT Podcast, Ep Sustainable Development With NFTs - Tokel Talk - May 4, 2022

Podcast Guest List

🎤 Haischel Dabian (Kryha)
🎤 Paul Socarde (Cyber Knights)
🎤 Niko Jukić (Cyber Knights)
🎤 Brandon Desormeaux (Cyber Knights)
🎤 Scott Crowley (Cyber Knights)
🎤 NutellaLicka (Tokel)
🎤 Kelcie (Tokel)


Ejuliano (Tokel)

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