Tokel April NFT News

On April 11th, Tokel released a blogpost explaining IPFS. [1] IPFS is a technology that has revolutionized hosting and has been the underlying technology for NFTs. so we thought to give you a rundown of what it is and why it is so important for the future.

The Tokel development team announced on the 26th that the team is working on adding a simple BTC/KMD to TKL swap engine to the Tokel website.  The idea is to facilitate transactions when you need some quick TKL to pay for fees or want to quickly buy a token or NFT in the platform, without the need to go through a full exchange.

Tokel also announced that they are testing time-lock transactions in the dApp, and the code is currently under review. This will enable the airdrop of early adopter rewards for those that took part in the IDO and will help close the gap between the CLI functionality and the dApp.

The team also announced that they are almost done with the release of a V1 DEX mechanism for the dApp! Binaries are now available for anyone that wants to test the V1 DEX.

The dApp DEX is another crucial step to enable a liquid market for token and NFT creators & holders on Tokel. Soon, creators and users will be able to conduct trustless trades via the GUI.  The community testing event will run for about a week on TKLTEST2 before the DEX  is officially released on the main chain.

Tokel is looking for a Production Manager for Tokel Talk

We are looking for the following:

- A podcast production manager (streaming/recording and post-production assistance)

Podcast Production Manager Responsibilities:

  • Episode organization/planning
  • Guest acquisition
  • Discord event management
  • Streaming on multiple platforms (audio/video)
  • Recording episodes
  • Post-production editing
  • Uploading to podcast/video platforms

Other NFT News

Blizzard Sends Out an NFT Survey

On April 15th, the gaming giant Activision Blizzard, sent out a survey to its users to gauge players' interest in cryptocurrency and NFT products. [2]

Square Enix Shows Interest in Blockchain Technology and NFTs

On April 15th, Yosuke Matsuda, President of the popular game Final Fantasy publisher Square Enix discussed his stance on NFTs with Yahoo Japan. Matsuda still insists that the future of gaming features blockchain tech and NFTs despite pushback from the fanbase.[3]

MoonBirds NFT Collection Debut

On April 16th we saw the debut of Moonbirds NFTs. The debut of the Moonbirds NFT collection saw over $200 million in sales in the first 48 hours.[4]  The project was originally projected to bring in 66 Million dollars. On April 23rd MoonBird#2642 sold for $845K. The project is the first tied to Kevin Rose’s PROOF Collective, a private community of NFT collectors whose membership pass costs over 99 ETH each.

Otherdeed for Otherside launch on ETH

On April 30th,  we saw one of the largest NFT mints in history.  The launch of the Otherdeed for Otherside project by the creators of Bored Ape yacht club, Yuga Labs. Otherdeed NFTs represent virtual land plots in the upcoming Bored Ape Yacht Club metaverse game.

55,000 Parcels of digital land were auctioned off at around $7k each per parcel. 45,000 parcels were also given to holders Bored Ape Yacht Club and Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFTs. Parcels won at auction were immediately listed on open sea at around $19,000 each.

The sale raised around $320 million dollars for the Bored Ape Yacht Club creators but also created the highest gas fees in Ethereum’s history with over 180 million dollars in ether gas fees form this event alone. Excited collectors and investors congested the Ethereum blockchain.  ETH gas fees scale in relation to the congestion of the network.[5]

The congestion of the ETH network raised the gas fees and slowed transaction speeds for traders and minters and affected all ETH based applications across the blockchain.This led to astronomical fees in the thousands of dollars to complete simple transactions that like using the ETH network to send a few dollars. [6]

After the ETH gas fee chaos, collectors and investors questioned the blockchains ability to host large scale NFT projects. Yuga Labs even suggested creating their own ApeCoin blockchain to avoid this from happening again in the future.

The Otherdeed for Otherside release led to OpenSea setting a new trading record of $476 Million traded in Ethereum in the last 24 hours. Parcels of virtual land won at the Otherdeed auction originally sold for around $7,000 each but were immediately listed on open sea at around $19,000 each. The Otherdeed project generated over 559 million dollars in secondary market sales immediately after launch.[7]

Solana down for 7 hours

On April 30th, The Solana network had to be restarted after a seven hour outage. The blockchain was flooded with NFT minting bots using Candy Machine, an Solana based application for launching NFT collections. The Solana network was restarted after its mainnet lost consensus after receiving over four million transactions per second from bots attempting to auto-mint NFTs.  The outage caused the price of SOL to drop by nearly 10 percent. [8]

Hyundai motors announces Metamobility NFT Collection

Hyundai announced that it will be issuing 10k NFTs as part of its sold out community-based metamobility project which launched on April 17th in collaboration with “META Kongs”. In January, Hyundai revealed this ‘Metamobility’ concept of using VR devices to remotely control physical robots. The “Shooting Star '' collection will be revealed to buyers on May 9th. [9]

“The idea behind Metamobility is that space, time and distance will all become irrelevant. By connecting robots to the metaverse, we will be able to move freely between both the real world and virtual reality,”

Chang Song - President and Head of the Transportation-as-a-Service (TaaS) Division at Hyundai.







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