Dev Update: Time Lock Transactions

We promised new features for the dApp and we are delivering! The development team has been working tirelessly to bring more value to the Tokel ecosystem.  

Thank you to all TKL supporters for helping us kickstart the project and for your continuous contribution. It is sincerely appreciated.

This latest release includes the long-awaited Time Lock transaction changes.
You can now download this release to be able to see your time lock rewards:

Check your rewards at

Thank you again to everyone in the community for supporting us and believing in us at the early stages of the project.

New dApp Features

  • Added functionality for displaying time lock transactions
  • NSPV-js updated to send/receive time lock transactions
  • The main Dashboard is a Wallet now
  • Added a widget to display token and TKL addresses at one place
  • More organised history widget
  • New Send Widget which shows the Spendable and Locked amounts depending on whether the user has locked transactions

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed incorrect TKL price on the main view of the dapp
  • Fixed incorrect TKL amounts for transactions with decimals
  • Extended transaction value parsing

Please reach out to us if you have any questions.

Thank you again everyone for being part of Tokel!
Tokel Team

Official Tokel Website:

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