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Phase 4

In progress

Started November 2021

Improve current dApp release

The token wallet release was a huge milestone in the Tokel All-in-one decentralized application efforts. As we have completely changed the backend of the dApp from a libnspv binary, to the CC Javascript implementation, we will be allocating a lot of time ensuring this new backend works without fault. By doing this now, it ensures that future releases occur more seamlessly and are easier to implement.

DApp token creation tool (released 16.12.2021)

We are starting to shift focus to the in-dApp token creation tool. This tool will allow anybody to easily create a token or NFT through a step by step process, all within the dApp, and all over nSPV (a super light and quick blockchain client).

Development of Js CryptoConditions library via nSPV

This Javascript CryptoConditions library will form the foundation of a software development kit. It will allow for easy integration with TOKEL blockchain and any other notarization based chains. The library will expose an API which developers can use for free to retrieve information about transactions, sign transactions and send them over nSPV to the blockchain of their choice. The developer will be able to run a superlite client to achieve needed manipulations with the chain. It takes almost no time to start the client and all communication between client and the blockchain is extrememely quick.

more marketing efforts

We aim to further understand the needs and requirements of the main Tokel user groups. This user research will allow us to conduct marketing campaigns in a more targeted fashion. Focusing our efforts to where they are needed most.

The main Tokel target user groups:
  • Video game design/creation studios/projects
  • Digital content creators/buyers/sellers
  • Software projects/companies that could integrate our API into their app/software

Future plans


Trustless & decentralized token trading is built into the Tokel blockchain protocol. Each token created on Tokel is automatically listed on the tokenDEX with the token-to-Tokel pair. Users can buy, sell, trade, send and manage their tokens easily, all on the blockchain.


NFT Marketplace for custom NFT tokens. Tokens can be listed for sale, exchanged and sold using TOKEL’s NFT Marketplace functionality together with Token DEX.


NFTs can be also used for fun things like games. Discord bot integration opens up the possibility of using tokens within discord games. One of many idea we had was a space exploration rpg style text game. Stay tuned for details.


Projects will be able to use streamlined token creation processes, have token explorer and wallet integration, immediately trade on the decentralized exchange and utilize the NFTmarketplace.

Completed phases

Phase 3


Finished October 2021

Tokel IDO

Tokel will be conducting an IDO through the AtomicDEX application. Early adopters will have the option to purchase Tokel through the app and assist the ongoing development of the Tokel Platform. Ensuring a successful IDO is critical to the success and ongoing efforts that are put into the platform.

Token Wallet Release

All-In-One application development efforts will be focused on allowing users to store and interact with all tokens available on the Tokel platform. This feature will include the ability to view all tokens within your wallet (alongside your TKL coins), as well as send and receive them.

Engage the Community

With the completion of the blockchain launch, we would like to now focus on ensuring the community (enthusiasts, creators, developers), have all the information and support they need to start utilizing the features on the blockchain. As GUI production is ongoing, we will focus on assisting people with command line interface and helping them understand all the options they have to use on the Tokel Platform. Along with this, we will ensure our marketing direction is clear, concise and provides simple to understand explanations of all things Tokel.

We have 3 main areas of focus.
  1. Ensuring the continuing of the platform through the IDO
  2. Development
  3. Marketing

Phase 2


Finished July 2021

TOKEL Chain launch

We are working hard to ensure everything is in place for the chain launch. Stay tuned for the official announcement and keep your eyes peeled on the website, and the discord for details!.

TOKEL COIN wallet release

Alongside the chain launch, we aim to release the first stage of the Tokel all-in-one application. This release will feature the Tokel main coin wallet, via nspv (super-lite client). This will be one of the first nSPV only wallets available!

Tokel Explorer v1 launch

Traditional blockchain explorers are not currently setup to handle the exploration of tokens on the Tokel blockchain. We will be releasing an explorer that will allow users to explorer not only the native blockchain, but all of the tokens on it.

Phase 1


Finished March 2021

Discord Launch

Launching the community hub and introducing the team.

Website launch

Showing off our plans to the world.

TKLTEST chain launch

The Tokel projects launches off the ground in Q1 2021. The launch of the website and discord are critical to open communication efforts. The TKLTEST chain launch will provide a foundation to conduct testing for both the team, but people/projects that require it for their projects.
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