TKL Time Lock Rewards

Early Adopter Initiative + FAQ



2,695,306 TKL


722,837 KMD



KMD price on 15.09.2021 8pm UTC

TIME-lock rewards plan

The Early Adopters that held TKL at the end of the IDO (8pm UTC on the 15th of September 2021) will receive:

1 TKL you hold = extra 6.258 TKL

3.129 TKL unlocked on the 15th June 2022
3.129 TKL unlocked on the 15th March 2023

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Thank you everyone for participating,

The Tokel Team 💙

Where to buy TOKEL?

IDO is over but you can still purchase TOKEL in the open market on AtomicDEX.

AtomicDEX Step by Step tutorial

Komodo CTO ca333 talks about AtomicDEX

PHASE 1: Price discovery

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Started30th Aug 8:00pm UTC
Finished30th Aug 8:30pm UTC
TKL sold500 000 TKL
TKL left0
KMD raised102 953 KMD

Phase 1: About

The purpose of this phase is to conduct a level of price discovery. If you think TKL is worth more than the current lowest offer, purchase it. If you do not, wait for Phase 2 to purchase more. If you wish to wait until the price has been discovered, wait for Phase 2 to start before participating.

Total TKL: 500 000 TKL

Time period: 48 hrs

Total offers: 50

Amount per offer: 10,000 TKL each

Starting at: 0.01 KMD

Increasing by: 0.008 KMD per offer

Ending at: 0.402 KMD


Order 1: 10,000 TKL @ 1 TKL for 0.01 KMD
Order 2: 10,000 TKL @ 1 TKL for 0.018 KMD
Order 3: 10,000 TKL @ 1 TKL for 0.026 KMD
Order 48: 10,000 TKL @ 1 TKL for 0.386 KMD
Order 49: 10,000 TKL @ 1 TKL for 0.394 KMD
Order 50: 10,000 TKL @ 1 TKL for 0.402 KMD

Phase 2: Main ido

Watch Tokel Discussion about NFTs and Tokens (Part 1)

Started1st Sept 8pm UTC
Finished15th Sept 8pm UTC
TKL sold2 195 306 TKL
Time Lock rewards17 304 694 TKL
KMD raised619 884 KMD

Phase 2: About

During this phase, the total 19.5 million TKL will listed at a single price. This price will be 70% of the final Phase 1 price. You can swap any amount of KMD for TKL at your convenience within the 14 days that Phase 2 will be running.

Total TKL: 19 500 000 + leftover Phase 1

Time period: 14 days

TKL price: 0.2814 KMD/TKL

In depth IDO details

If you would like a more indepth look into the IDO details and offers, please take a look at this excel document that outlines every Phase 1 offer, and the equivalent Phase 2 price should the price discovery stop on that offer.
IDO details for download

Tokel Platform Showcase


As always, you are required to do your own research and not take any of this as financial advice; we do not endorse any specific activity. Ownership of the TKL coin carries no rights; it is used to create tokens and send transactions on the Tokel blockchain. These TKL are being sold to creators and users of the blockchain for this sole purpose. There are no guarantees of TKLs future value. There should be no expectation that TKL will ever generate any value other than for the use case described. All trades on AtomicDEX are non-refundable. Nobody in the Tokel community or team are liable for any loss caused, whether due to negligence or otherwise arising from the use of, or reliance on, any information provided directly or indirectly.


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