What can Tokel do for you?

  • Simplify the way you interact with the blockchain.
  • Bring ease to your token project processes.
  • Tokenize and sell your art.
  • Create and distribute ticket tokens.
  • Create, manage and trade tokens for your project.
  • Remove the unnecessary hassle that comes with running your own blockchain, explorer and wallet.


Tokel is a blockchain. One of our products is a Tokel Plarform dApp, An ALL-in-ONE platform for your token projects. Tokel is a Komodo smart chain, secured against 51% attacks with dPoW (delayed Proof of Work).

THE benefits of creating a token on the tokel blockchain

no chain requirements

There are no requirements to create and manage your own blockchain.

simple to use GUI

Free, simple to use GUI for token usage, management and creation.

token wallet integration

Your token will have immediate token wallet integration.

token explorer integration

Your token will have immediate token explorer integration.

safe from 51% attacks

Your token is safe from 51% attacks as Tokel is secured through dPoW. Tokel and your tokens are protected by Komodo's & Litecoin's hashrate using Komodo dPoW technology.

sell your tokens immediately

You will have the ability to sell your tokens immediately after creation with Tokel’s built-in tokenDEX and NFT marketplace integration.

exchange partnerships

Tokel exchange partnerships mean your token will have a centralized exchange listing option. Exchanges only need to run the Tokel chain in order to access every single token on it.

Where can I download the application from?

You can download it from our Release page.

Please be aware we are still in development. Currently the GUI application has a working coin and token wallets and a Token Creation Tool. All other features are already active on the Tokel blockchain and can be accessed via the command line. See our documentation for instructions.

Also have a look at the Roadmap for development plans.

What features are currently available?

The GUI application currently works as a coin wallet, token wallet and a token creation tool. NFT marketplace and DEX are coming soon too.

However, you can access all feature using the command line, as the chain itself supports all the features from the start. See the documentation for instructions.

Is the application still in development?

Yes, the Tokel desktop dApp is currently in development and is moving fast. You can already use it. Download the latest release here.


Yes, we are very proud to be a completely transparent and open source project. Please check out the github or join the Discord server and get involved with the community!


Our project uses Komodo technology and we are also in strategic partnership with Komodo. Oh and also, we love Komodo!


Download the latest release here and see the video below for instructions.

How did you raise money?

Ah, glad you asked. We had a first of a kind IDO on AtomicDEX. Please see this page for details.

Contact us at or join Tokel Discord

The future of tokenization


Reach out to us on Discord. Follow us for project updates.


We strongly believe in open source and transparency.


Contributions are welcome. Reach out for details.

Tokel 2022. Created with 💙 for blockchain and all things decentralized by Daria